9/11 Insider Trading Explained

09/06/201516 Comments

This week take a sneak preview of the forthcoming Corbett Report podcastumentary on the 9/11 money trail with an in-depth look at the 9/11 insider trading phenomenon. Also, in this month's subscriber video, James ponders the difference between conception and reality by showing you . . . nothing special!

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  1. EYEisBloke says:

    Nothing special? You managed to walk down various streets in an urban area of a relatively densely populated country without encountering a single soul… that’s got to be slightly special.

    • Moxa4 says:

      I think I’ve seen a person passing by (at about 2.46). But you are right: it was a kind of special.
      In some way, it looked like certain japanese comic backgrounds I find so interesting:-)

      cheers, Moxa4

    • Octium says:

      Well if you had a suspicious looking Canadian guy talking to himself in a strange foreign language lurking around your normally quiet neighbourhood where nothing special ever happens – then you might hide inside as well! 🙂

      • Corbett says:

        Haha. I know this is all meant in jest, but it’s actually a good demonstration of my point. If you’re not in a crowded urban environment like the heart of Tokyo then something is wrong because it doesn’t conform to people’s sense that “Japan is overcrowded.” But I live in a city out in the middle of the countryside, and the idea that Japan is a wall-to-wall urban jungle with millions of people milling about is laughable for those who live out here. In fact, in that little alley where I was filming everyone is generally out at work at 3:00 PM on a Friday and not walking back and forth down the street. So I guess the whole point is to get people to think a little more consciously about how their perceptions of a thing prevent them from seeing or accepting the real thing as it actually is.

        • EYEisBloke says:

          Point taken. Yes Japan has some quite stunning countryside, although in fairness, 3pm on a Friday and not even some background traffic noise… Besides I’m sure I read somewhere that every single household in Japan own a cat 🙂

  2. nawk says:

    Kevin Ryan’s work is great! I suspect the you have you have also read “Black 9/11, Money, Motive, and Technology” (Trineday Press) by Mark H. Gaffney.

    – FYI: For comment readers, AlienScientist (https://www.youtube.com/user/AlienScientist/videos) whom Corbett Report has spoken with, has a several videos using both Kevin and Ryan’s work.

  3. ccuthbert2001 says:


    Wondering if you should avoid using the term “insider trading” for the 9/11 trades. “Insider trading” has a very specific definition in the law that may not apply to some or all of these trades, even though the trades, especially taken together, are near conclusive evidence of foreknowledge of the events. I notice that the references you cite use the terms “abnormal trading” and “informed trading.” How about a combo: “abnormal, informed trading”?

    Your last paragraph is excellent, btw.

    • I could be wrong, but I do not believe the use of “insider trading” is used in a legal context, but rather, a loose, social context – i.e., people and entities in power, knew of a major geopolitical event prior to its occurrence, and profited handsomely from such knowledge because it allowed them to shift around investments. Consequently, either they were directly tied to its occurrence, or indirectly involved via association to those that were, or a mix both.

  4. Knarf says:

    The “blinders on” investigative approach displayed in the declassified FBI document starts from the assumption that Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are, beyond all doubt, the perpetrators of 9/11; therefore unless an extremely well-timed and fortuitous equity transaction can be linked to same, it is automatically above suspicion. Of course Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were identified as the perpetrators (by the Executive Branch) literally before the dust had settled on 9/11.

    That a hedge fund or trading account had existed for a number of years prior to 9/11/2001 was considered exculpatory from the implied assumption that if some smelly Al Qaeda camel-humper had wished to profit from 9/11, he would have done so through some trading instrument established immediately prior to 9/11. Turn this around and look at it from the other side however, and it means that a group of established and wealthy insiders could get some action on the side from the 9/11 attacks without facing investigation as long as there were some smelly camel-humpers to take the fall.

  5. bladtheimpailer says:

    James. I was looking for the show notes on the up coming web 9/11/2001 revisited? Or did I misunderstand? Fascinating read. I look forward to the doc. cheers…

  6. invictuscreations says:

    I just got back from a trip to Japan and man that video made me miss it! I spent a bit of time in a smaller town visiting friends teaching English and it looked exactly like where you were in the video.

  7. Cu Chulainn says:

    can anyone point to a comprehensive response to the following?


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