5 Signs the World is Ending

05/30/201514 Comments

Are you optimistic about the future of the planet or a naysaying pessimist? Either way, it pays to balance your views by looking at both sides of the argument. With that in mind, this week in the subscriber newsletter James looks at five signs that the sky is falling and the world is doomed. Don’t worry, though, next week we’ll take a look at five signs that things aren’t quite as bad as you might believe.

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  1. Corbett says:

    Hey guys, I know this week’s subject is quite bleak, but as I say I’m going to be writing from the opposite perspective next week, talking about positive developments that are happening right now. In the interest of open source and crowdsourcing, if you have links to any specific stories that you think would fit into such an article, by all means let me know here. A great example is this story that lincolnlea posted in the comments section of the latest New World Next Week:


  2. lincolnlea says:

    For American Readers who may not have caught up with this, from PCRoberts:


    Urgent action you can undertake in the fight for your freedom.

    Good luck.

    • garyegeberg says:

      I think I’ll pass on contacting the Congress Critters regarding the Patriot Act via Paul Craig Robert’s site. It’s a little late in the game, plus, fool me one thousand times shame on you, fool me more than one thousand times, shame on me. Taking the action PCR suggests is no different than voting, and the people who brought us the Patriot Act could care less about what the America people think about it.

      Also, IMO, a glass half full or empty is but a false dialectic, just as optimism or pessimism, left or right, conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, and fork or spoon are. At any level deeper and more nuanced than the glass half empty or full dialectical one, what the PTSB have in store for us is unfolding as planned and will continue to unfold as planned. I believe they are just itching to let lose a few nukes, and that’s indeed what will happen, most likely within a year, perhaps after the dollar and economy has crashed and it’s every person for him or herself. Once a few nukes have struck their targets, this destructive game is even out of hands of the PTSB and all bets are off.

      No one can rein these pathological MF-ers in. It’s too late, barring some kind of military coup here in the U.S. That, IMO, is our sole hope.

      Tragic, tragic stuff. A few positive stories here and there including the one about the folks in Alaska are simply little positive stories that are going to be completely overwhelmed and rendered meaningless by an unprecedented, multi-fanged collective horror brought to us by the PTSB.

      What can be done? Perhaps those in alternative media such as James should become single minded and relentless in advocating for a military coup d’├ętat and urge American citizens to march for a military takeover of Washington and the lizard dens where the neo-cons and twenty-two TLC members in Obama’s administration hole up including our completely insane Director of Defense who

  3. lincolnlea says:


    Well, to start with it’s not Paul Craig Roberts asking for action, but John V Walsh. PCR just published his writing.
    Secondly, yes indeed, if everyone thinks like you there is no hope – none at all.

    And thirdly, the Communist Party, which swept Russia and held it in thrall for over 70 yrs started with a meeting in a cafe in Paris of 6 people.

    All big movements start with and are started by just a few. And indeed, research has shown you only need a small percentage of all the people to come round to a point of view to have the power to effect change.
    If 30% of adults in every country being oppressed by the Oligarchs found a way to fight back, and ditch the system and become self reliant and independent it would be enough to bring them down.
    so go ahead with your depressing self destruction, but do keep it to yourself.
    The idea of a handful of people – even if armed with rifles – taking on the might of the militarised cops of USA, of the military, with all it’s MRAPS, arms etc, is ludicrous Hollywood dreaming.

    • garyegeberg says:

      lincolnlea, it’s not your place to tell me what to share and what to keep to myself. As for my thinking and assessment of the PTSB and the catastrophic powers they have, I consider myself to be a realist–neither optimistic nor pessimistic, and certainly not “self-destructive” but very much destroyable, like all life. Reality is what it is, and sometimes it is very grim, even terrifyingly grim. It’s been grim for the Iraqi people since 2003, but for people like you, me, and James, it hasn’t.

      If there is sufficient reason for realistic optimism and hope, I’d be on board in a minute. However, there is an imminent orchestrated economic collapse. Also the PTSB have the capacity to take down the grid, unleash diseases and chemical weapons, and are COMMITTED to a massive reduction in the human population, etc. etc., etc., but according to you it’s MY fault because I fail to be optimistic about laudable yet minor successes that individuals and communities have here and there, that will be absolutely crushed whenever the PTSB decide to unleash the collective traumas. If only I were positive, what’s coming wouldn’t be coming–according to you.

      The PTSB, the neo-cons and Zionists in Washington are steadily and systematically trying to provoke Russian and China into a hot war. You would know this if you had been paying attention. Check out our defense secretary’s recent words about China. Unequivocal madness, sheer and unadulterated clinical insanity! You might have also noticed, if you had been paying attention, that just a little bit has changed in seventy years. The technology and weaponry that the PTSB have at their disposal today is unprecedented and deadly beyond our imagining.

      Even James, in his podcasts and writings, says that he expects WW III is coming, and that it is going to result in the deaths of millions if not billions of people. He thinks it is going to be after the Chinese currency evaluation later this year; some think it is going to go hot this summer. Do pay attention. And please do blame it on me for NOT believing that seven people or if thirty percent of the people today somehow found a way to fight back–I noticed that you don’t say how–and ditched the system, etc., that that would stop the oligarchs in their tracks. That is utterly laughable, as laughable, IMO, as those who think their guns and rifles are going to stop the NATO forces when they come knocking–or blowing up their houses and everyone inside from a safe distance.

      As for me personally, I live my life in a positive and proactive manner, but I have no illusions about what is coming: collective traumas the likes of which countless peoples and nations have suffered for millennia, but which is going to be a new experience for those of us living in the U.S., Canada, and other countries that have not yet been victims of wars, drone attacks, bombings, and state-sponsored genocide. Personally, I’m terrified–not because of fear-mongering, but because of what’s happening in real time geopolitically–and feel heartbreakingly sad, especially for the young people and for all those who have no idea what’s coming.

      Lastly, I truly wish it were different. I’d like to live, I’d like others to be able to live, because the coming destruction is so senseless and needless. But traumatized peoples throughout history never had much say about being traumatized, and we don’t either.

      Again, I think the ONLY real hope, the only real way to corral the PTSB before they go nuclear or EMP is by a military-led coup d’├ętat. Whoever today’s Smedleys are or might be, if they are willing to step up and lead troops and possibly volunteer civilians to overthrow the US government and secure the nuclear weapons, we then have a very real chance to move forward from there. Though I’ve never owned a gun in my life, I would gladly participate in such an endeavor. Perhaps I can be a part of the cooking team. Or, put me in the front lines, and I would gladly die fighting to overthrow the government and secure all the NATO nuclear weapons. I’ll give my life so that those younger than me can live their lives.

      If you have a viable idea as for how the awakened thirty percent can fight back and stop the nuclear maniacs and eugenicists, I am all ears. I have presented my idea. It’s the only one that seems viable to me, but I’m certainly open to alternatives.

      The PTSB have violent, violent intentions, and are killing and maiming masses of people every day, though of course they themselves are cowards. There’s a time for non-violent action and then there’s a time to fight for your life and the lives of others. I think it’s time for the latter, and we need military people who have experience and who know what’s what to take the lead. Short of that, being an optimist, pessimist, or realist is not going to have any bearing upon what is unleashed. But again, you’re welcome to blame me. I can be your personal scapegoat.

      • NotDole says:

        The PTSB (even the seemingly craziest like Michelle Bachmann who told a tea party yahoo that was yelling “attack Pakistan”, she told the yahoo right there that you can’t attack Pakistan as it is a Nuclear power and it would result in disaster not for america directly but for millions of people) know that having nukes blow at near-to-ground levels at the strength they are today, only a couple 150kt nukes like that would wipe off the ozone layer.

        Yeah, they might sound insane, but they know that. No ozone layer + fallout = TPSB are in major trouble, too.

        Also, wait until no new tv shows get produced suddenly, that’ll give you a good idea if the supposed unproven underground cities exist…

      • Terraset says:

        I tend to also be on the side that argues for military action but unlike many I’ve read I don’t advocate violent revolution. Not because I’m a nice guy but because it wouldn’t work. If a group of people, however large, just went on the attack again the world militaries they would quickly run out of supplies, their VIP targets would all flee. and they would be systematically scattered and picked off.

        A much more defensive and fortress oriented solution is more viable. That means growing your own food, building your own equipment, and waiting for other forces to come to you. It also has the added benefit of demonstrating that you are not the aggressor, a psychological advantage that will get more people to sympathize with you. It won’t work against everyone because of those who simply can’t physically be there to see it for themselves but it will work on more than enough people over time.

        If all you do is live your life, grow your food, take care of your own, and never bother anyone while also being a positive force in the local community it becomes incredibly difficult to smear you as a dangerous subversive group that needs to be suppressed.

        At the same time when the conventional missles start flying such a group should have the ability to defend itself adequately provided it focused on designing and developing it’s own military countermeasures instead of hippy love and light bullshit. An endeavor that would benefit greatly from existing open source engineering methods. I like to call it the “Open Source Defense Initiative.” Realistically it can’t be /that/ difficult to build a radar truck or an anti missile phalanx system if you have a bunch of dedicated engineers and even just random people within these communities willing to learn and try. With the workload and error checking spread out amongst all of them I don’t see it being that fantastical. Although it would be time consuming for sure.

        Nuclear threats would still be very real but could be somewhat mitigated by founding some communities near locations that your opponents require. Effectively using their own infrastructure as shields. “Near” is a very subjective term here but should encompass the direct blast radius of a medium size nuke if possible and the fallout radius for sure. The enemy would be less willing to use a nuclear weapon if it was almost certainly going to directly hurt itself in the process. This assumes they are unaware, less aware, or just plain don’t care about how the radiation and other fallout would indirectly affect the entire world and thus them.

        Also it would be important to not just have one community mecca for every activist to flock to as that’s just one big easy target to go for when they eventually try. Many smaller, self contained, self sufficient communities are a better option. Although much less defensible individually they help ensure total survivability of the ideals. And realistically how much police and swat does the average city really have? On top of that how well trained and how determined are they? Even with all their fancy weapons and gadgets chances are many will cave under pressure if forced into a real life or death battle. I consider evidence for this to be how police seem to travel in well armed packs even when dealing with obviously unarmed and peaceful civillians. If they need 20 people to feel safe when dealing with one pregnant women chances are they aren’t exactly going to be green berets when dealing with equal or greater numbers of armed, angry civilians even if those civilians don’t have a clue what they’re doing either.

        So how do you get all this done? It starts by simply talking to your neighbors. Slowly posing ideas for things like community gardens, service exchanges (carpentry, welding, etc) and so on. Getting people on board with them and then going to the next stage. Don’t suggest them in an anti government way but an economic way. People aren’t very likely to care about your personal opinions about morality but they will care about making it easier and cheaper to feed themselves or get their deck built for the summer. Morality is just an opinion and should never enter into a discussion like that. You should think of it as simply a way of getting to know people and make your life easier by helping others. They will naturally go the anti government route on their own as the government starts making up new laws and trying to take away their hard work on something that by that point is demonstratably better than the old system. It will become plainly obvious to them over time that the government is the enemy even if they have no other data to go on.

        From that humble beginning everything can be created. Stable healthy food supplies, community watch programs, mentorships of the older generations passing skills onto the young, self confidence, self reliance, self defense, so on and so forth. It’s not that complicated. I estimate it could take a maximum of 5 years to do a total worldwide cultural renovation even if it was just started from one community seed in one random city.

        This is just an overview and there are many intricacies that I just can’t fit in here and others I’m still refining myself. The bottom line is



        Basic needs

        Basic wants




        One should lead to the other and some may happen simultaneously or out of order, I’m trying it in my own circles as best as I can and hopefully it works as intended.

  4. garyegeberg says:

    A link from Global Research that I find to be frightening and disheartening.


    • NotDole says:

      This is just empty rhetoric, they did that in the last years of Bush’s reign re: Iran, Cheney was concocting the craziest plans and he was kept in check. I’ll get off my chair in a panic when I hear some distant explosions, I live way too far to be afflicted directly from anything other than fallout. China’s defense strategy for 2015 is available on Cryptome, a good read if one wants to know what China’s thinking right now :


      They don’t seem overly concerned, although are serious, obviously, when they speak of last resort defense.

      I really freaked out when Chuck Hagel (for all his faults) was kicked out and this Ashton Carter guy got in, I made several background checks on that dude and…no he’s not good news. I wonder if it’s possible to be any more dangerous than Gates or Brennan though.

  5. lincolnlea says:

    This might work for some – Anthony Gucciardi’s take on how to combat the misery induced by all the negativity out there:

  6. NES says:

    Agree. When I heard your report my mind when to an interview staged by US reporters prior to the invasion of Iraq. Iraqi citizens had heard it again and again, they said. The interview took place just before Bush/Chaney outright lied to the US public and went into Iraq with troops over non-existent WMD. A woman was being interviewed. She said that the Iraqi people had heard US rhetoric ad nauseam about possible invasion due to WMDs. She said they were tired of the threat and if the US was going to invade–get it over with! Sounds a lot like the WWIII scenario–conditioning a war weary US public for the next lie.

  7. lincolnlea says:

    I find this recent article from the normally despicable Daily Mail heartening.


    It seems this is a fast growing movement, starting in Germany and France and slowly taking off in UK.
    It’s part of the sort of culture change we are talking about inducing – a return to a more intelligent world where we work out the balance between natural lifestyles instead of the highly destructive “chemicals and kill everything” mentality.

    This, I think, is what those people who advocate some sort of armed attack on governments and their armed forces don’t understand. Quite apart from the fact that these days – which are far different from the days of 1776 and suchlike – it would be doomed to disaster from the get-go, such an approach is only continuing and supporting the status quo. Ours is a violent culture. America has been since it’s inception as a bunch of free states, and after the Lincoln Unification War of 1864, it’s gotten worse and increasingly so. Just watch anything that comes out of Hollywood – or mainstream TV. Just look at US foreign “policy”. And this ends up permeating everything that everyone does. So – by fighting and killing, all you are doing is playing their game. And they made the rules, and made them to suit themselves.

    The only way to bring them down is stimulate cultural change wherever and whenever we can. And this sort of thing ; constructing our own media; living in small, private, cohesive groups; growing our food; learning how to have things like a pool that is kept by a natural balance not the mainstream chemicals; learning to do without their bloodstained money – and spreading this concept so it becomes more and more prevalent – that’s how we beat them. It might be slow, although I’ve seen a cultural change so fast over only 2 generations, I’ve been shocked at how fast it can be. But it’s long-lasting, and real. And a joy to live.

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