5 Mind-Blowing Technologies (That the Government Will Use for Spying)

02/20/201616 Comments

Scientists and engineers can spend years of their lives in painstaking trial-and-error experimentation to develop a breakthrough new technology . . . and the military-industrial complex can find a way to militarize it in mere hours. (Assuming that the research wasn't being funded by the military in the first place, of course.)

Sadly the armed services aren't the only ones interested in the latest gadgets and inventions, though. The alphabet soup agencies are equally voracious for innovative new ways to spy on the public. Today let's examine five of the most amazing technological breakthroughs . . . that are about to be turned into nightmarish spying tech.

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  1. John says:


    You employ the term ‘could care less’ in the article ‘5 Mind-Blowing Technologies (That the Government Will Use for Spying)’ above.

    On April 9th 2014, less than 2 years ago, in an piece titled ‘Libya War: What They Don’t Want You to Know’ you state “….its AFRICOM-resisting leader has been killed and it has been established as an operations base for NATO’s Al-CIAda mercenaries, they couldn’t care less about the lives of the Libyan people.”

    When did ‘couldn’t’ become ‘could’, in your view?


    • Markus O'hilleus says:

      If we’re keeping score, in the first sentence of the last paragraph, James also uses “is” when he should have used “are”. Give him a break. He writes more in a month than most of us do in a year.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    Ah the march of science in the best interests of pure knowledge for the sake of understanding…”we have become the destroyer of worlds” etcetera. Anyway thanks for the heads up as a point of interest.

    Enjoyed the five stages of awakening and looking back it seems right on, and while I have achieved stage five activism returns us to previous stages mentioned as you must well know.

  3. ralphodavis says:

    ‘..and if my thought dreams could be seen

    they’d probably put my head

    in a guillotine

    but it’s all right, ma

    I’m only sighing’.

    – Bobby D, some time way back

    F’m. But then they already knew

    that I said that.

  4. VoltaicDude says:

    These technologies are a good thing to keep reminding ourselves about.

    During Occupy Wall Street, which I attended and stayed at in NYC and Wash DC I talked to some people about the probability that there were no private places in the tent areas – that technology was probably in place that could “see through” the canvas and cardboard makeshift shelters being used.

    It didn’t stop me from attending, staying overnight occasionally and participating in general, but it’s important to know what “they” are up to because they will use their upper-hand dishonestly and maliciously.

    During an OWS impromptu, unpermitted march in NYC some young people were marching along and chanting slogans etc. and reminding each other not to use their cell phones because of tracking. I said, “it’s OK, we want them to know we’re here” – perhaps a little misplaced bravado.

    Firstly it should be said that even cell phones that have been turned off can usually be used to track those carrying them.

    But also, the ability to build social network models from this type of data is then turned over to infiltration squads that exploit their insider knowledge from the dossiers created on personal profiles in order to create havoc in individuals’ lives – a la the “Lives of Others” film,, and the excellent film by Hava Kohav Beller, “The Burning Wall” – a film worth considering for review in your series James.

    My findings were that OWS was generally infiltrated to saturation point, as are most political events and groups across all spectrums. This is not that hard to do when you think of the billions (triliions?) of dollars unaccounted for that are available to be funneled in this direction relative to the small percentage of the population that needs to be actively targeted due to actual political activity.

    With digitized recording and storage capacity pre-prioritization often does not even have to be applied by spy agency data-dragmets – take in everything, mine it as needed, even for past events – a detailed 3D picture of the social matrix quickly develops which allows for unprecedented control, including the development of predictive models.

    So it’s not that it doesn’t matter, or that we should allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear, or that we need to forget all this in order to function daily.

    It’s that we have to be mindful of these realities and to realize that it’s a constant effort to create a reasonable equilibrium in our lives regarding this type of awareness, the expression of our dissent, the universality of the malicious effect of these transgressions (which is both sad and heartening – we are all in this together after all), and the need to realize we cannot be perfect in our response, but can only continually renew our alliance with the best of intentions that we have.

    The Psycho- and Sociopathic criminals that are running these systems and the profoundly ignorant and/or naïve dupes that assist them will behave ruthlessly, so we will always need to reckon with casualties like Michael Hastings, but, in the long run, because things are difficult, it doesn’t mean they are impossible. In fact, if anything, our causes, because of their universality and rectitude, may be inevitable in the long run.

  5. VoltaicDude says:

    I came back to this to follow-up on the details of how these technologies work – wrote the first comment as a first reaction directly after reading the article.

    Right now I’m interested specifically in trying to understand some of the basics about #2 from the list above. The LEXID and ZBV info sources that I found online (minimal) make claims that go against what most of us know about x -rays.

    For instance, to go through a three inch think panel of metal to “see” what’s behind it, if x rays can even do that, should require a great (great as in lethal) deal of energy emission, yet the product descriptions describe them as low and safe output?

    Also, generally x ray images are produced by capturing those rays that are projected onto and then penetrate varied low density objects and are then captured on the other side of the object by a film panel. Astrophysicists capture electromagnetic waves that fall onto the earth with telescopes.

    The “gun” and “van” seem to capture reflected x rays? – So they would have to emit x rays in a very directional pattern, the x rays would have to penetrate a metal panel (wall) and then be reflected back by bouncing off of soft tissue? Then go through the metal panel again? And then be captured by the very narrow window of a “Lobster” lens?

    Could this story be disinformation? If so, that in itself is interesting.

    I’m thinking #3 would simply be a microwave telecommunications receiver – not so outlandish at all. But it would only be necessary where no other cell phone towers are available, since that data is already something available, collected and stored by we know who.

    I was aware of the “sound microphone,” and it makes more sense at a lay level than the others, but even that I would like to understand in more convincing detail. One can feel sound and see the panels of speakers vibrate, but I’m finding more and more that it pays to be skeptical about such facile observations.

    #’s 4 and 5 seem highly questionable, and it would be important to hear more about how these might actually be feasible.

    I have run into a great many alternative energy scams, including at Occupy, so I know that “scientific” disinformation is regularly disseminated – even including about 911.

    Likewise, it would be foolish to assume that technology that is not yet readily available to the average person is not being deployed by policing agencies, but we need to be equally wary of red herrings, otherwise known as disinformation (for which there would also always be a reason worth knowing).

    • Corbett says:

      A perceptive point. You may want to re-read the last paragraph of the article for a hint of what’s coming in this week’s newsletter.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I searched for every way one would refer to a “directed energy weapon” as. But apparently it hasn’t been used much here. Thats certainly understandable. I had never even heard the term until I saw something about Judy Woods and 911 a few years ago.
        But after seeing the security camera video.
        that recorded the Nashville explosion. The explanation that the moving, angled white beam that appears in the video is actually a beam originating on an orbiting satellite makes sense.

        I don’t really understand why there seems to be such incredulity when it comes to the idea that there might exist the technology to mount a deadly ray weapon on satellite and control it with high tech GPS. I’m pretty sure I seen video of the “death beams” they have told us about.
        Just doesn’t seem that far fetched to me.

        Now as to why the perpetrators who have the capabilities to accomplish something like this would go to the trouble of loading up an RV with explosives, a automatic loud speaker warning people to evacuate the area, (maybe a stiff), and then shooting it with a high tech sci-fi super weapon from a low orbit..,well I will leave that to saner people to figure out.
        I just figure that the ptsb are sending somebody a message.

        • Steve Smith says:

          This is interesting. Bill Binney maintains that he is being targeted for assassination by the government with DEWs.

          Bill Binney, Constitutional Patriot
          Dec 27
          (46) This is true.

          Quote Tweet

          Joint Investigation
          · Dec 27
          Meanwhile, please help to stop the live running GENOCIDE being conducted by the @usairforce. They are droning the house of @Bill_Binney. He just survived an assassination attempt where Directed Energy Weapons shot holes into the shielding above him!
          THIS IS SERIOUS!

          PLEASE HELP! twitter.com/GenFlynn/statu…


  6. m.clare says:

    There has been a significant increase in the frequency of police helicopter sorties above Calgary in the past couple of years. Why? Is there so much ongoing criminal activity to justify these regular fly-bys day and night? We’ve all seen documentaries or “news” stories that marvel at the infrared technology used in helicopters to spot fleeing bad guys hiding in bushes. It can’t be cheap to keep those noisy bastards in the air.

    Are they there simply to intimidate us? That very few of us are God-fearing in this millennuim is a problem for TPSB; fear has always been a great motivator.

    “They” know if you’ve been sleeping,
    “They” know if you’re awake.
    “They” know if you’ve been bad or good,
    So be good, for goodness sake.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Well, m.clare,

      The choppers are out in “my” French city as well. Yellow/black, solid red and solid black, low-flying, conspicuous and much more common than before. Hovering, almost stationary sometimes, and charging at others. But not every day… I notice them more when I’m at home when it seems they might land on my balcony. So my (fallible) impression is that they prefer week-ends… And sunny days…but maybe just because autumn (and grey weather) is just descending upon us…

      I’d wondered why as well why the sudden increase. Training? More of them available for emergencies? Intimidation? To get us used to their omnipresence? The omnipresence of surveillance and military apparatus?


      Incidentally, thanks for your interesting posts.

      • m.clare says:

        Although this is a virtual space, it is nonetheless reassuring to find other people who are pausing to think about the things that I am thinking about. It is nice to offer my thoughts without being pounced upon, ridiculed and called all kinds of things as is my experience with more “mainstream” virtual spaces.

        I have a theory about that. The logical frontal cortex is NOT the domain of propaganda; rather, it is implanted in the depths of the emotional limbic system. If you challenge a persons core beliefs, their logical mind is overwhelmed and their emotions run to the rescue. For me, the words “belief” and “faith” are to be used only when you have insufficient knowledge to back up your assumptions.

        When somebody loses their shit because of something somebody has said, they are more often than not being driven by propaganda that has taken root in their limbic systems…. fertilized with guilt, shame and fear.

        Thanks for conversing, sharing and suggesting rather than just losing your shit. I am never happier than when somebody pokes a hole in my argument. I live for epiphany. What else is there?

  7. peace.froggs says:

    I’ll probably be accused of being on the Pentagon’s payroll again, but please allow me to play devils advocate here.

    First of all, these 5 Mind-Blowing Technologies aren’t exactly a secret, they were described on mainstream media for gawd sakes.

    Two, since these Technologies are now declassified the Feds still need to abide by the constitution. In other words, if the Feds secretly spy on you and discover something nefarious, they still need to get a warrant by a judge. Therefore it’s not the technology that is the problem, it’s how, when and why it is used.

    The added caveat here is the “Patriot Act”, but even this can be either amended or repealed entirely.

    What I’m getting at here is that even thought the Feds have new toys to play with, if they use them illegally, the information collected won’t be admissible in court.

    Now the beauty of the free market, soon these technologies will find there way into the mainstream which means we too will be able to watch the watchers. For example, the implementation of Police body cameras lead to 90% drop in public complaints against officers.

    These new technologies aren’t hidden.
    It isn’t all doom and gloom.

  8. mik says:

    Visual microphone is possible with proper equipment, but of the shelf camera is not enough. In ‘Visual microphone’ video (link in article) you can see at (1:45 min) picture of high speed camera with pretty serious lenses on, that look like telephoto lenses.
    It’s logical. Camera has to catch movements of a hundredth of millimeter, so it must zoom in to enlarge picture. This cannot be done with consumer camera except maybe on very short distances.
    For encoding voice GSM uses bandwidth of appr. 10kbit/s. Approximately this amount of data must be extracted from differences between video frames. If picture (leaf of a plant) moves for one pixel that is just 1 bit of data.
    High speed camera mentioned in video has appropriate sampling frequency (6 kfps), for sampling voice (3kHz). With consumer camera there is just 1% of needed sampling rate. Ok, hack mentioned in video can be used, but this cannot replace extremely low sampling frequency of consumer camera and can be heard in video, when reconstructed audio is playing with a lot of noise. Voice would be indistinctive.
    Conclusion: consumer camera cannot be used for operational spying.

    X-ray seeing through walls
    Highly unlikely. Usually, x-ray sensors are on the opposite side of radiation source. In case of monitoring reflection a lot noise is introduced. Effectiveness falls with square of distance (to object and back) and particularly with every denser object passing through.
    That means it is maybe possible to see into cars, to see into those light houses, that are dragged around with arrival of first hurricane.
    But, bricks, concrete, no go.

    Brain scanner
    Hahahahaha, lol
    Pictures of scans looks very similar to pictures that were extracted from computer neural networks used for image recognition and most probably are from there.

  9. rich3 says:

    Sometime around 2003 I witnessed a demonstration of a practical application of some groundbreaking mathematical research dealing with wavelets & frames, carried out here at the university of missouri.

    The device was just a laptop computer, programmed with a transform function derived from this reseach. Two small microphones, placed 1 inch apart, were held about 6 feet away from two profs, standing closely together on the stage. They then began speaking simultaneously, rattling off various unrelated streams of words. Immediately afterward, the computer operator was able to select, with very high fidelity and discrimination, either of the two voices from the audio recorded by the two microphones. The other voice was simply not there.

    Presumably this could be readily extended to placing multiple microphones around a group of people, in a room or on a street, and be able to home in on specific conversations with amazing clarity, with full selectivity in playback mode.

    In other words, place a few time-synced laptops with microphones around a city square during a noisy demonstration. Later, big brother can home in on each and every conversation that took place and play it back separately.

  10. pieter says:

    thanks to bring awareness about these technologies.
    it certainly gives credit to the targets individuals global wide.
    where these and other electromagnetic weapons are used upon.


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