4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You

02/27/20167 Comments

Last week we took a look at five mind-boggling new technologies that the government is converting (or is going to convert) into tools for spying on you. But as I noted at the end of that article, we shouldn’t be so quick to accept reports about these new technologies at face value. Initial reports of new breakthroughs are often sensationalized, and part of the intelligence agencies’ core mission is to confuse the public by spreading false information about their capabilities.

The truth is that the government can and does lie about its capabilities all the time, and nowhere is this more evident than in the crime labs. If the state wants to prosecute, they have ways of making the evidence match up…even if that means they have to invent an entire bogus field of science in order to do so.

Today let’s examine four “forensic technologies” that are too amazing to be believed.

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