4 Privacies You Didn't Know You Lost

01/14/201824 Comments

We all know that privacy is a thing of the past, right?

Followers of The Corbett Report will see past the metadata lie and the PRISM limited hangout to the underlying reality of the all-pervasive Big Brother surveillance grid. CALEA and the Stellar Wind. The CIA spying on you through your dishwasher. And who can forget the dolls that spy on your children?

Heck, even the normies no longer scoff at the "conspiracy theorists" who warn that every one of your electronic gadgets is listening to everything you say and beaming that information off to third parties. Now they just think that's a good thing. I mean, how do you order a dollhouse for the doll that spies on you? By surfing and clicking? Pfff.

But Alexa and their technocratic police state brethren are only the most obvious examples of how our privacy has been obliterated in recent years (even in our own homes). Here are four privacies you didn't even realize you lost.

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Comments (24)

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  1. mkey says:

    I liked how there was no reaction at all to that girl being hit in the face. In the presence of god, who cares about a silly yesterday’s rugrat. One has to wonder, what would be the cut off point after which people would start paying attention. Would she need to be kicked, knocked out cold heels up or shot dead where she stood? In their eyes, fresh kid’s blood is just a happy meal for the queen.

  2. john.o says:

    Need excuse to indulge Joe Rogan as guilty pleasure?

    History of the Rockefellers told by Eddie Bravo to Joe Rogan
    (above and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5QhH6LgYpM )

    Eddie Effin Bravo summarizes James Corbett and “Rockefellers” Rogan with chops so smooth, Rogan can only give a stoner’s “Whaaaaaat?” and “he was a motherf__er!”

  3. cater says:

    Derren Brown | The Events: How To Control A Nation FULL EPISODE

  4. Stronghorse says:

    This is precisely why I don’t own a smartphone. If I have money in the bank, I draw it out before I go to purchase items. All of my papers, and I do mean ALL. From paper plates & tissue to cardboard boxes, go into the burn barrel and I personally light the fire and stay until all of it is smoke & ash.
    I also do not own any of the “Smart” appliances, and I haven’t watched TV for years. I try to minimize my on-line activity as well, but I don’t choose to be a hermit, and therefore, to stay informed, I consider things such as keeping up with The Corbett Report a necessity.
    I further realize that even though I live in a very rural area, where no cameras have been installed, (we don’t even have traffic signals, paved streets, or a city cop in my little town), the probability of being under surveillance when I travel outside my immediate area is inescapable. Even at home, the possibility of being watched by drones is very real now days.
    I doubt it is possible to exist these days without retreating to a cave in the mountains somewhere, to evade the ever growing Police State here in the states.
    Hence I make sure that everything I do is legal. As an ex-cop,(criminal investigator and undercover agent at the county, state, and federal levels), I’m familiar with most of the tactics used, and I try to keep up with the changing statutes and codes. {Which by the way are NOT “laws”, but rather are corporate rules.}
    Thank you James, for bringing us the real truth about the latest threats to our privacy, and therefore our liberty.
    Liberty must be defended at all hazards!

    • WAYNED says:

      I think we need to create our own communities of concerned and inquisitive citizens united behind finding the truth of things. I am looking to buy a house, and wish I could find a community of somewhat like-minded people.

      It even occurred to me to create ConspiracyDate.com or something like it, so we can help match people to each other, so we can be stronger and more unified and less afraid of so easily being labeled outsiders.

      ALSO, I need a private investigator. Complicated, has to do with living situation and work situation. Top in my field, but only after being ostracized and the harassment just won’t stop. Now working with a non-supportive support network who takes my money but is still doing the work of those who tried to force me out.

      I was vocal about 9/11, in an office of Jewish People. The owner of the agency said to me the day I was hired “welcome to the den of the Nazi” and he said that to everyone he hired.

      They worked with intelligence agencies. I did not fit in, they trumped up a reason to fire me and then tried to get me fired from my next job but fucked up because in fact, they made an assumption and were wrong, so they couldn’t fire me. Ultimately they did under more bogus circumstances, sent a picture of a guillotine about me, to me, by accident. Within 2 weeks, I was gone. Now I’m working with the “good cop” whose schtick is to feign incompetence.

      It is on-going. Airlines are now determining what agency a company works with, using mandates and not sure it’s legal. Collusion is rife.

      Living situation: One man used nearly 2 years of construction to force me out, deeply harassing, but it goes all the way to the top. First they are nice to you, then say they can’t help you so you get upset, and from that point on you are treated as a rude unreasonable person.

      I lived through construction again a couple of years ago. This time, I was targeted specifically, because someone knew the previous experience I had. Same city officials, same police officers, same games. This time, I was moved into an apartment that could not be cleaned because of all the construction going on around me, including removing popcorn ceilings with zero pre-testing or abatement. A friend moved out after retiring and he helped me move to my current location. I told him I had to fire my housekeeper because every time she came in and stirred up the dust, I was sick for a day or two. My friend removed the cover on the air filter, thinking it would help, and found the painted it shut with NO filter.

      Car tampered with, repeatedly. Constant harassment.

      I need a private investigator to help me build cases.

      now it’s affecting my health. Even cat sick from it I think.

      • Octium says:

        Sorry to hear that you are being hurt with all the corruption. I started out my self tracing out some corruption that was affecting me and ended up here after finding out that it goes all the way to the top!

        I like your idea of matching like minded people and bringing them together.

        There are a lot of things individuals can do to protect their privacy but ultimately it has to be a community thing for it to work. Not much point staying off facebook if your friends are taking snapshots every 5 seconds and posting them online.

      • FlyingAxblade says:

        so funny, as in like a clown in a horror flick. I RAN took a bus for the first part, and was repeatedly denied that avenue until I pulled in some biker friends. (That is in reverse order). made it half way across the country. The company I worked for previously had some no small hand in my underground housing and was beat up pretty severely. Ran from there into the middle of VT and underground again there. No Pizza Huts in that town. My parents poo-pooed that I was a victim, so I dropped the line and called myself on sabbatical. If anyone reading this works for Pizza Hut, go look for me in Canada.
        I thought I was going crazy.
        So, dude, you got a prayer from me.
        Author of all Nature,
        without knowing much more than health today and health yesterday, Thank You. Forgive me my sins and help me resist delusion. You have the power to guide the “dude” in ways contrary to the deceivers, do it, and give him the power of personal sovereignty to LIVE anew. IJN, amen. .
        Best I can do over the interwebby thingy. PEACE!

  5. WAYNED says:

    Zero percent chance that people will fight back, because one aspect of this is that it is being done, we have no access to those doing it, indeed, we don’t even have a means of targeting criminals, because we actually see the criminals as leaders. There is nothing to stop it. Indeed, isn’t there a fear hidden in all of us that one day the weapons being used by the US, GB and Israel in the middle east will one day be turned on us, using the information available to target anyone not in agreement? Or maybe compliant is a better word.
    It’s alarming, and we should sound the alarm.

    it’s time to create a technology to hijack the media. Steal it from them and start to tell people the intriguing, complicated, amazing truth.

    People can change. I did.

  6. RegularGuyChris says:

    Very entertaining, who else read this in james’ voice? Loved it, that IAO sign can’t be real haha I’ll tell you guys what, don’t be so scared of all this. In a law of attraction type way, let’s attract or, with numbers create, a reality such as a spontaneous realization, or a reality based off the hundredth monkey type concept. We all know, one day, people will be like… what. the. fuck.. and wake up. Thanks James! Keep it up looking forward to more.

    • FlyingAxblade says:

      Chris, I find it interesting that when I read Corbett’s writing that I “see” it in his voice. Be Well.

  7. mik says:

    “AI body language-reading courtroom lie detector” might have some accuracy if observed person is unaware and untrained. Certainly, there are some traits in body language and voice when a person is lying and most of us are using them intuitively everyday. Also, quite a lot of data (video, audio) are available for such a AI to make a prediction.

    With Mind Reading device situation is completely different. There is small amount of data. But the most important, this data are also unrelated to primary data. They are supposedly using fMRI.

    What is fMRI measuring?
    “Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow.[1][2] This technique relies on the fact that cerebral blood flow and neuronal activation are coupled. When an area of the brain is in use, blood flow to that region also increases”

    fMRI cannot be the way for reading mind.

    Another devices are using EEG. These data can be related to primary data. But are they related in the same way in all brains?
    Brains don’t function the same way, variance is quite big, and this is proven by fMRI.
    You should know that signals caught by EEG electrodes are very weak that means a lot of noise is present and extracting data is hard.

    Ok, maybe they didn’t fake all published results.
    But mind reading, no no.

    • mik says:

      I made a communication mistake.

      Source article, from which infographic with faces and colored checkerboards was taken (see in article above), is DEBUNKED.

      Proof above.

      • FlyingAxblade says:

        Hey de hay Mic. The guy that invented MRI has a channel on YT “Sky Scholar” it’s mostly about the Sun is not nuke. It’s entirely fascinating. He’s not like Ben from Suspicious Observers, (in other words, not a salesman/lawyer).
        I’m always wondering if the place for ConspiracyMeetUp or whatever is really at ThunderboltsProject, and “nothing will hurt you here” =)
        They consistently deny NASA and that might be a good place to begin with “red pilling” Statists. Because it’s fully demonstrable.
        Wow, I had to wait for this Christmas to get to be a member, so please forgive me if I’m chatting like I have 8 years of pent up Corbett-edness overflowing. Be Well!

  8. Mishelle says:

    There is a sign a mile or so up from our house, we are on a dirt road, a few residences only among many hundreds of acres of forest and farmland and some recreational properties. I’d say there are about 10 families here living on about 1,000 acres, that’s just a guess, I’ve never tried to calculate it, but it’s a lot of land, and few folk. So, this sign, posted on a tree on a dirt road in the middle of the forest in a most rural place says: “No dumping; Security cameras in use.”
    When I show this photo to my urban family members they see nothing odd there.

    • john.o says:

      100 acres per family seems pretty odd! but beautiful…how sad you must protect them from trash, and threaten to photograph the humans.

      (those cameras don’t always really work, btw; many such signs are like “Protected by XXsecurity” stickers on houses, scary to amateurs, but not indications of an effective system, especially against pros, but often entirely non-existent period; the sign now a mere vestige of an old budget; so, if you do want a real recording of a real crime, it can be frustrating!)

  9. john.o says:

    One thing that strikes me in researching the links provided, and in my own professional exposure to “Account Based Marketing” (which holds out the possibility of ordering eggs and milk for you, and calling you to close the deal right after you won the golf game and have had exactly two drinks) is that the likelihood of being spied on very intimately and directly rises with ones income level.

    I am fairly certain in “poorer” neighborhoods, most of the time, nobody but the homeless and the truly poor are inspecting the trash cans, you can put a body in there and if done right, nobody will notice, and that’s a fact. Half the time people are dumping their trash in somebody elses can anyway, or in public bins. The dishwashers are not reporting back to headquarters here, except after school. Huge numbers of people don’t have bank accounts at all. Many are cashing checks of some kind, but some are cash only and not “poor”. Who is driving a car and to whom it is registered are not always linked, and the various identities and names of the people involved may involve multiple pseudonyms, possibly in other languages and scripts.

    The “poor” include that Chinese family running a cash only restaurant (using burner phones I notice) and people in numerous other cash-only businesses, legal and illegal. They may be easily identified, rounded up and eliminated, of course, as a class, if need be, but in the meantime, as a class, they live more anonymously, and thus “freer” in some ways than the “rich,” who can probably never really avoid being spied on at some level by someone.

    I think often of Huxley’s “savages” as I watch certain classes of people drift outside the information net.

  10. ekawAediW says:

    How could that IAO logo be a real thing? They’re just toying with us, laughing their asses off at how easy we are to manipulate. I’m embarrassed for my fellow humans.

  11. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Challenge to Mr. Corbett..

    Hello James… I don’t like to challenge you as i know you have a lot of horse power under the hood, however, in this case, there is something i don’t understand.

    So, i must admit, I agree with your report above 100% with the current governments and slave masters that are in place today….

    However, i don’t think there is anything wrong with the technology itself. mobile phones are a great tool, but it all boils down to how you (or others) use it.

    which leads me to the Challenge…

    I read many reports that suggests that Majority of Humanity are good and only small minority are bad. (something like 95% normal people and 5% psychopaths).

    If we refer to the bell curve, then 80% of the people should be “normal” and only 20% of the people “mad”.

    So, my question and Challenge to you James is… either that those reports that i read are false and created by “The Man” to mislead (majority of humanity are evil and minority are good), or else I can’t explain why only 5% is screwing all of us.

    Maybe a next report will touch on this??

    Love you work and it was great read.

    • mik says:


      although you asked James, I would like to dare providing some answers.

      A fried of mine, good family man (literally), but he is in top management of a corporation, classical example of House Nigger. His signature on a paper occasionally means real misery for real people. Is he good or bad?

      I think James already provided answer in his video: How to herd your tax cattle.

      Another excellent take on this matter is:

      How rule the world. Lecture at the FSB (KGB)
      Video doesn’t start at the beginning, but it’s important to watch everything, so adjust it manually.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello mik,

        Thanks for your reply… i will watch the video later…

        I often ask my self the same question when confronted by friends just like yours above, and the answer is always the same…

        So, a Good family man who works at corporation that is poisoning the rivers for example, is really bad for the environment and a very bad family man as he is ultimately destroying the habitat for the family he is so caring about.

        Which leads me to ask… Are we inherently bad (are we 80% psychopaths and only 20% normal ??)

        • mik says:

          I strongly recommend you both videos. Two very different takes, two perspectives, but at the end of the day, both talking about the same thing: How is it possible?

          “..poisoning the rivers…”

          Let’s say he is working for the bank and they are producing homeless people. He surely would know that being homeless is terrible.
          But if someone doesn’t pay mortgage he is kicked out of his home. We all know how the game is played. Promises should be kept and if not then there are consequences.
          Banker-guy has an excuse to wash his conscience, even homeless might probably conclude that it’s better to be born without a dick than to be born without a luck.

          But at the same time there are literally thousands of empty apartments, in many places on the world even more than homeless people.

          I would say this is absurd, but majority just say: “That’s how the things are.”
          It’s about World-View.

  12. rueckl1b says:

    Thanks James for documenting the normalization of the surveillance and for making it glaringly visible.
    I myself have come very far from opposing the German Census in the 1980 to carrying a smartphone nowadays, though not always and everywhere.
    I am defining my own RED line for his usage of technology and I am going back to older technology with less features.
    This is not easy as the technology is definitely addictive and one is just used to it. Going to get dumb stuff as long as it is available.

  13. illbnice2u2 says:

    I love reading the post here. I think I learn just as much from your readers as I do from you James. Job well done.

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