3 Stories That Prove We're Not in Kansas Anymore

02/13/201610 Comments

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. Heck, we're not even on the map.

In case you haven't noticed, things are starting to get crazy out there. Not just economically (with another global contraction already well under way) or financially (with teetering European banks leading global stocks into volatile territory) or monetarily (with the global currency war reaching a rate-slashing crescendo) or geopolitically (with new Iranian/Iraqi/Russian cooperation in Syria throwing the NATO powers off balance), but even socially (with a sea change taking place in the American electorate, not to mention Europe, Latin America and elsewhere).

Let's take a look at three stories that demonstrate how this craziness isn't just a bit of turbulence but a sign that we're moving into a new paradigm altogether.

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    Here in the UK Jeremy Corbyn, an old school socialist, rode a populist wave to become leader of the Labour party causing a schism within it that it is difficult to see it surviving. I distrust old Marxists like him but his popular appeal to another paradigm is exactly what you are talking about. I don’t even guess where it is going. But I watch with interest.

  2. WAYNED says:

    Gloom and doom Mr Corbett!! Seriously, it’s going to coalesce, as you say, one way or another. Humanity will figure it out, as it always does.

    I was always told as a child about wars and when I expressed fear, I was told the US would never be attacked. But as I was hearing only about how we had been going around kicking everyone else’s behinds, I thought to my self, “when will we get our come-uppance?”

    That I was spared, as were many of my limited generation, the agony of forced service in the military, always seemed like a false promise.. that at some point war would come.

    Just the idle thoughts of a kid who also understood instantly that the Kennedy assassinations were NOT lone-nut, “tragedy for a nation” because some individual went rogue… Who saw 9/11 as an adult and instantly knew we were not going to be told the truth.

    I think you lead well by helping us not wait for a truth to be fed to us, but to find out about things.

    TV, and the food and drugs and wars it sells, is the opium of the masses. The truth is bland reality, right?

  3. Moxa4 says:

    Thank you – once again – for your excellent observations of the fundamental shifts at so many different levels and the synthesis of the underlying ideas that seem to get the upper hand.

  4. ccuthbert2001 says:

    “The upheaval and the explosion of discontent that have provided a launch-pad for outsider candidates from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders….”

    This has got to be part of the psy-op. None of these jokers are outsiders. Whatever is happening is being scripted. I don’t see a revolution in the US, just the same old mindless peeps adopting the received opinion fed to them from their tvs. Outsiders, indeed. Ridiculous.

  5. vumxmx says:

    “Controlled chaos” or “creative destruction” is the precondition for the emerging NWO. The Americans and Europeans will beg for it.

  6. setatliberty says:

    February 10, is Obama’s anniversary of his presidential race announcement. He has delivered a speech every single year on February 10 (another rabbit) However, last week President Obama delivered one of his most skilled deliveries of a speech that I have ever seen, before the Illinois General Assembly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF-G1XRIlkU&index=1&list=WL

    In his speech, he described how the polarization of politics has brought us to a point where our system is broken. He described some drastic steps and measures that must be taken to change the way that business is done in Washington. He alluded to amending the Constitution. Many of his points in the speech seemed to signal coming legislative measures for diverse changes in government.

    Remember, this is a very well prepared and charismatic speech; one of his “best.”

    I remember hearing 2 or 3 years ago, that the Senate had passed new rules to remove the super majority rule that allowed for filibusters against presidential appointments. This was in exchange for Obama appointing a “less” zealous progressive. Now, i believe it just has to be a simple majority.

    Then news of Scalia (arguably the most “conservative justice” on the SCOTUS) passing away in his sleep, leads me to suspicion of foul play. With Obama talking of amending the Constitution and having bi-partisan agreement that the current democratic system is broken (along with all the other legislative and executive actions that he has been supporting), I do think that we may well see a lot of the talking points of his speech become realized as law very soon.

  7. nelson47 says:

    Hi James,

    I suppose it would be cynical of me to suggest the timing of the Rockefellers announcement in Sept/2014 to divest from all oil assets would have any thing to do with the declining oil prices we are experiencing today?


  8. anacardo01 says:

    What is your overall impression of this emerging economic paradigm? To the novice’s eye, negative interest rates plus a cashless society looks like a new capstone of institutional usury placed on top of the existing usurious money system, and given the level of mass hardship and poverty that implies, how could such a thing not lead to enormous mass anger and new black markets as a matter of course? How is the lid to be kept on a looting system so openly rapacious? Is the board of Goldman Sachs going to hold a world-wide news conference to announce that their robot legions are patrolling every city block for gold and silver terrorists?

  9. judicash says:

    anacardo you are right about the looting potential of a cashless system. I’ve wondered how black ops would work in such a system, as there would supposedly be no more drug money and sales of illegal weapons, but then it occurred to me that the money for black ops would miraculously appear in certain otherwise anonymous accounts with no trace. After all, it is all software at this point.

  10. André says:

    James, high tine to interview Richard Werner, no?

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