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Episode 048 – How to Read the News

06/29/20084 Comments

Everbody knows that the controlled corporate media uses spin, omissions and outright fabrications to lead the public astray. Today we learn how to get to the stories behind the stories and free ourselves from the media matrix.

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Interview 035 – Marsha Reid

06/29/20080 Comments

Marsha Reid, managing editor of, joins us to talk about current issues in geopolitics from secret US/Iraqi agreements for US military bases to sham elections in Zimbabwe.

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Episode 047 – Problem Reaction Solution

06/22/20086 Comments

Who was G.W.F. Hegel and what does he have to do with false flag terrorism? How do the elite direct society in whichever direction they wish? What do Paul and Phillip Collins and Alan Watt have to say about it? Find out in this week’s episode.

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Episode 046 – The Internet is Dead (Long Live the Internet)

06/15/20081 Comment

Reports of the internet’s demise may be premature, but not if the corporations and government regulators have their way. Find out about Internet2 and all the ways in which the Internet is being attacked.

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Interview 034 – Paul Collins and Phil Collins

06/15/20080 Comments

Researchers and authors Paul and Phillip D. Collins join us to talk about Hegel’s dialectic, deep politics and how Michael Corbin guided them in their research before his tragic passing earlier this year.

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Interview 033 – Alan Watt

06/13/20080 Comments

The Corbett Report calls Alan Watt’s radio program to get some information about G.W.F. Hegel and the dialectic.

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Episode 045 – PTech and the 9/11 Software

06/08/20086 Comments

Indira Singh explains about Ptech, the company with numerous investors and managers with direct links to terrorist financing. Ptech’s clients included the CIA, FBI, the White House, the Department of Energy, the Air Force, the Navy, the FAA, IBM and Enron…Yet Singh learnt they were a CIA front company and their software could gain control of the most sensitive computer systems in the country.

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Episode 044 – Club Bilderberg

06/01/20084 Comments

What is Bilderberg? A harmless talking shop? Or the annual secret meeting of royalty, heads of state and captains of industry where the real decisions about the future of the world are decided?

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