Corbett Report Radio 227 – Globalist Lies Exposed


Tonight James breaks down the lies being pushed in the mainstream “news” today. From the GMO lie to the quantitative easing lie to the war on terror lie, James has it covered.

Works Cited:

Google’s Copyright Crackdown Punishes Author For Torrenting His Own Book

Modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison,” doctor says

GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM Develop Mass Tumors, Die Early

Monsanto goes on offensive over GM/cancer study

Non-GMO Project

Global Currency Wars in Full Escalation

Japanese Ministry of Finance To Japanese Bondholders: You’re Screwed!

“Bring ‘Em Home” by El Evans

White House knew Benghazi attack was a terrorist act from day one

MeK De-Listing: Washington Openly Embraces Terrorism

Nod to Obama by Netanyahu on Iran Bomb

Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!


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